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Rethinking Women's Health

A Guide To Wellness

By Alison E. Buehler, Ed.D.

"Alison Buehler is a walking (and now in print!) dictionary who has researched how to address women's health concerns at every important passage in a woman's life. Fact-packed, resource-dense, rich with quotes and heartfelt encouragement, reading "Rethinking Women's Health" is like having a Wise Elder Woman to guide you, traveling with you in your own pocket."​—Donna Jackson Nakazawa, award-winning author of "The Last Best Cure".


Rethinking Women's Health: A Guide To Wellness provides practical and integrative health solutions while addressing what women can do to shift their culture from one that treats disease to one that cultivates wellness for women at every stage of life. Women are beginning to understand that they must find and share their own solutions to health epidemics in order to achieve wellness, rather than relying on an over-industrialized health care system. These stories hold the power to heal women.

TheOB/GYN is the primary doctor for females throughout their lives, yet women are not getting answers to serious health concerns at doctors’ appointments. They are swarming blogs, chat rooms, and Facebook support groups looking for alternative answers to health challenges and encouragement from an empathetic community as they move through the stages of womanhood. Women are taking the responsibility for health back into their own hands. As integrative health hero, Dr. Terry Wahls, says in the Preface, “People are interested in wellness because the epidemic of poor health has not been stopped by increasing medications or medical interventions.”

The groundswell of discovering diet and lifestyle health solutions is evident in everything from the popularity of Dr. Oz to the latest best sellers: Grain Brain, The Blood Sugar Solution, The Power of Now. The purpose of this book is to provide current, integrative resources for women dealing with female health puzzles and to simultaneously reshape the way our culture handles female health for the next generation. The book is divided into three sections based on female archetypes: The Maiden, The Mother, and The Wise Elder. Each section addresses female health challenges present in specific phases of a woman’s life within the cultural context that helps create them. In an authentic and relatable voice, every chapter provides difficult-to-find but effective health solutions and resources for female challenges, while presenting cultural changes that could improve how women approach their health overall.

About the Author

Dr. Alison Buehler began her career as a special education teacher and earned a doctorate in educational administration. Since switching gears to raise three children, she began a nonprofit organization with her husband, The Homestead Education Center that provides writing, retreats, and workshops on personal growth and health & wellness. She is married to radiologist Mike Buehler and lives with her family in Starkville, Mississippi on a small farm where they raise children, chickens, goats, vegetables, and bees. Her writing focuses on stories that hold the power to heal.

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